here's some stuff i made

Charlie Peacock - West Coast Diaries Volume II Vinyl
Artwork for the vinyl release of Charlie Peacock's iconic album WEST COAST DIARIES, VOLUME II
TORU Album Covers
A series of album covers for TORU, a free-improv group based in the UK
Kate Clock
Clock designed for my sister. Made from a series of horizontal boards attached to the wall with Velcro. Painted with accents from the home. Round black dots are felt furniture cozies.
Type+Color Playing Cards
Type+Color is a set of decks utilizing different color schemes as the primary identifiers of each suit - rendered in the different typeface styles - the BOLD SANS deck uses Helvetica Bold and the ITALIC SERIF deck uses Georgia Italic. Pips are placed in the corner of each card, bleeding off the live area.
Interference Playing Cards
This deck is a design improvement of one of my very first playing card design projects. It features artwork inspired by the expressionists of the early 20th century. The highlight of this design is the multi-layered vertical noise in front of the principle figures, which I feel (in tandem with the ghostly hollow-eyed faces) creates a post-industrial, post apocalyptic feel which I particularly dig. They feature a double-ended back design, 100% custom faces, and a custom designed tuck box. ALSO - the edges of the faces have been carefully crafted so that the edges are uniform and double-ended.
Hey Mavis - "What I Did" CD digipak and poster
Laurie and Eddie Caner asked me to put a Digipak CD package together for their new album "What I Did." After providing me with several photographs, I put this concept together - merging the front cover with some illustrations by Laurie. They also had me put together a tour poster using the "What I Did" branding and coordinated the print with a local printer.
Postmodern Christmas Cards
I created a Christmas card and sold it through Kickstarter.
Infinite Affection
Tilt Clock
In 2010, I had created a clock dial design wherein the hours formed a tilted square rather than a circle. The one, four, seven, and ten are called out instead of the traditional twelve, three, six, and nine. This installation was made in 2016 in the corporate offices of Tradesmen International, LLC in Macedonia, Ohio. I have been interested in clocks since the mid-nineties, and one of my favorite things to play with is the observer's strong sense of vertical and horizontal. By omitting a strong indicator to the horizontal and vertical axes (eg, removing the twelve and six), one can make a highly readable clock dial that is unconventional and interesting as a piece of artwork in its own right.
Shapeshifter - album cover by Cole & Cofffman
I was approached by the band Cole & Coffman to create the cover for their new album "Shapeshifter." Matthew Coffman presented me with a series of photos. I created several designs and this was the one the group decided on.
Nook Industries Playing Cards
I created this 54-card deck of playing cards as a gift to employees for the Nook Industries holiday party in 2012.
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